Our Lottery

Chance to Flourish is one of four society lotteries promoted under the umbrella brand of the Scottish Children’s Lottery, a scheme launched to generate funds for grant-giving charities with good causes that aim to alleviate child poverty.

The Scottish Children’s Lottery is an umbrella lottery scheme encompassing a number of separate charity lotteries, all of which raise funds for organisations working across the broad spectrum of enhancing the welfare of children and young people.

Each good cause supported under the scheme benefits in rotation, with the specific charity lottery being promoted changing on a weekly basis. You can find out more about the annual schedule here.

A minimum of 20p from every £1 generated by the Scottish Children’s Lottery is donated to the good causes it represents.

To find out about prizes, proceeds and grants, visit the More Information page on the Scottish Children's Lottery website.

More About The Scottish Children’s Lottery

The Scottish Children’s Lottery is the brand name under which the society lotteries of four Scottish charities are promoted.

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